We Appreciate Your Support

Any person making a cash donation to the Parkview Community Giving Tree of $100 or more will be recognized with a leaf plaque on our wall mounted tree in the main lobby. A donation of $500 or more will be recognized with a brick style plaque on the stone wall at the base of the tree and will remain there for all residents and visitors to see. The money from these donations are placed in our Endowment Fund and will be used to assist residents in our rental assistance and meal program fund benefiting residents in our community.

“Feed a Senior” is a program that we have established to provide the best and affordable meals to seniors living at our community. You can make a donation of any amount per month or an in-kind donation and a special thank you “refrigerator magnet” will be placed on the wall décor refrigerator in our community room for a month. Parkview Christian Estates currently provides a lunch time meal to our residents and it is our goal through this program to reduce their cost and be able to add a breakfast meal to our package without increasing their financial obligation. Through your generous donations, we can provide a little extra food to people living on very limited incomes. All “Feed a Senior” donations will be used solely in our meal program benefiting seniors.

Our business at Parkview Christian Estates in Modesto, CA is to make sure that residents have a nice home in our independent senior living community. Parkview Christian Estates is a non-profit organization. We accept donations from those willing to show their support to our mission. Please consider a donation by submitting the online information form below, we’ll get back to you with complete information about how to complete your donation. Donations can be cash, real or personal property, services or in-kind gifts. Donations can also be designated for a variety of ministry needs. For more information contact Dan Day, Administrator.

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